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Privacy Policy

Jacket Masters takes the privacy and security of its customers very seriously; therefore we go out of our way to make sure our customers are protected.

We will not release any information excluding those who are involved in the fulfillment of your order, including the process of arranging your purchase(s) being sent to you.

We will do the whole thing necessary to guarantee you have peace of mind in knowing that your information is kept confidential.

Related Information We Collect:

If you select to register with Jacket Masters the following information will be logged.

First Name

Last Name

Postal Address

Email Address

Contact Number

We only gather this information to fulfill your orders and to place it to your doorstep.


By registering with or becoming a consumer of Jacket Masters, and by giving us your e-mail address, contact number, and postal address, your assent to receive communication in relation to our products, services, and special offers.


Cookies are little pieces of information that track what products you have looked earlier so we can acquire them to your attention at a later date and also allow us to keep items in your shopping cart, which you can select and then return to purchase at a later date.

The cookies are saved on your hard drive and will not harm your computer.

If you need to alter your computer’s settings or firewall to disable cookies. You will be able to use most of the features when these are disabled such as the shopping cart and purchasing items.

Stored Information & Security:

Jacket Masters takes the safety of your personal details very sincerely.

This information is stored steadily on a dedicated server, which we believe to be well protected and in a safe environment.

User Access:

User names and passwords are given to you only, as a customer of Jacket Masters. This permits you to access the personal information that we are holding on your account. You are able to update, delete, and alter this information.

Third Parties:

We will not share any of your individual information on any third party if not necessary to complete the fulfillment of your order, such as the courier company used to deliver your purchases to you.


By registering with Jacket Masters you consent to the collection and the use by Jacket Masters in the methods previously, outlined.



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