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Delivery Information

At Jacket Masters offers free worldwide delivery. We make every possible effort to give your prompt delivery service. For each and every order we always start from fresh material to prevent dirtying, staining, and any sort of tearing. We do stock some of the most selling designs at warehouses located in the United Kingdom, the United States, and London. Mostly we start making products after receiving the order online from customers.

This will not take much time as most of the patterns are ready-made and it takes around 2 or 3 days to make a garment until a custom order placed by the customer or an exception arrives that is conveyed to the consumer earlier.

Delivering Worldwide

We take orders with full responsibility from around the globe. If you want to know whether we deliver products to your country just click on the menu at the top of the website and if there is a name of your country then select it and all prices will show in local currency based on current average exchange rates.

Turn Around Time

Our shipping & delivery process takes around 10 working days in normal circumstances. In which 2 to 3 days are for manufacturing garment and rest working days for delivering the item.

Courier Services Use

Jacket Masters uses express courier services for delivery likewise FedEx, DHL, and Skynet. We also use postal services such as USPS in the USA and Royal Mail in the UK.

Costs involved in Shipping and Delivery


In order to reduce the shipping costs to the buck level, we mostly ship from the nearby spot warehouse if the item is on the spot readily available in stock. Cost of Shipping at Jacket Masters varies from $0 to $24 depending on the specific location of the consumer and the nature and brand of the shipping service which is used.

Import Duties & Taxes

We are not liable for any import duties/taxes a consumer may incur. The cost of the product paid to us is limited to all these charges. It is a consumer job to verify with their domestic customs if they are going to get taxed for purchasing and importing our items. Custom policies diverge all around the world and some countries are very strict in imposing taxes for importing any expensive item.

Our all dispatched goods are completely traceable, and we do the utmost effort to assure prompt delivery of the items. Moreover, we are not liable for any delay incurred by organizations or any other circumstances that are not controllable by the company. Plus there must be detailed information by the sender on the same day when the order is purchased for any special delivery instruction.


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